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Science goals

  • Llamadragon by Llamadragon

    I've been looking around some of the discussions recently and I have a general idea of what we're trying to accomplish here, but I don't know enough specifics to feel I can help much. I know we're trying to figure out why/ how starburst galaxies shut off star formation. Do we plan on completely explaining what causes that? Probably not. How much do we expect to learn? Science papers probably should have a focus so they don't get too large. Do we know the focus? Something like mass relationship to quenching, or something more complex than that?

    Anyway, getting the public more involved in this research is fantastic. I hope I can chip in a bit before school picks up too much steam and I lose all my free time!


  • jules by jules moderator

    You're not alone Llamadragon! 😄 Good to hear from you. Hopefully we will develop some themes to follow up soon. Meanwhile, JeanTate has posted some suggestions here.