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  • Subject AGS0000008

    Imagine a cross-section of shaving bubbles in galactic scale - this pic shows faint outlines of the bubbles encircling dark empty centers.

    by lmayoral

  • Subject AGS00001x3

    A spiral arm is being "pulled" out by the large object on the lower right.

    by lmayoral

  • Subject AGS00001qb

    Bottom star/galaxy is "pulling" some material from the lower left.

    by lmayoral

  • Subject AGS00004mh

    This one looks like it is forming a spiral arm.

    by lmayoral

  • Subject AGS00002mm

    Interesting, that the constellation in the bottom looks like an ellipse of paired stars.

    by lmayoral

  • Subject AGS00002dc

    Object on top left appears as a edge-on view. A spiral arm is being "Pulled" by massive object & making the galaxy look like a cork screw.

    by lmayoral

  • Subject AGS00002a9

    I think that the long one is travelling just past the other, causing an elongation of both its arms because of a high rotation speed

    by HalDew

  • Subject AGS00000z6

    это галактика неправильной формы

    by skk2001

  • Subject AGS00004ld


    by chinedualbert

  • Subject AGS00004ld

    Spectrum show candidate SNe, see c_cld's Jan 2012 GZ forum thread:

    by JeanTate

  • Subject AGS00002a9

    Maybe it's caused by the bigger size of the black hole in the center of the eliptical galaxy? And I also think it will form one big galaxy

    by masterofreal

  • Subject AGS00002a9

    If they are merging, why is only one of them being pulled apart? Could it be the smaller one is way behind the other, not affecting it?

    by AmnesiDC

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