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  • Subject AGS000028g

    Yes, that's the right approach. The central galaxy is the one in our sample. Beautiful image.

  • Subject AGS0000261

    Vrooje, you write maybe AGN cuz of how bright the central core is? What's the process for thinking if something is an AGN or not? Curious.

  • Subject AGS00002d6

    Yes, def interesting clumpy blue galaxy. Our sample galaxies are of course the ones in the center. & as you say, ordinary.

  • Subject AGS0000261

    Neat one. Galaxy itself not an artifact. Red streak likely is, but OK to ignore since not causing serious issue with galaxy shape.

  • Subject AGS00001m2

    I'd say: Has Features. Edge-on. Bulge yes. 1+ off-center bright clumps. Sign of tidal debris (has a faint tidal tail). Not symmetrical.

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