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Interested in Learning About the Science Context for GZ Quench? Start Here.

  • trouille by trouille scientist, moderator, admin

    You've classified Quench galaxies and read that GZ Quench consists of a sample of 3002 post-quenched galaxies + 3002 mass and redshift-matched control galaxies. But what does it mean to be a post-quenched galaxy? And how can we use this special sample of galaxies to learn about galaxy evolution?

    A great starting place for getting a sense of the science context and motivation is to read the first post at This blog contains summaries of science articles about post-quenched galaxies and galaxy evolution. It's modeled after the astrobites blog, a great resource for any budding astronomer!

    If you have comments or questions about that post or any of the other summaries, definitely post them in the discussion thread devoted to the science articles. The science team and I will keep checking in on that discussion board to follow up.

    Also, we're gathering links to well-written popular science articles and websites on galaxy evolution in this thread and this thread. Definitely check those out, post any comments/questions there, and add any others you think might be helpful.