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Sharing Tools Dashboards

  • trouille by trouille scientist, moderator, admin

    Dear all,

    If you find an interesting trend in the data as you’re playing within Tools, please share with the group. You can do this by copying your Tools Dashboard URL into a Talk post.

    For example, here is my Tools Dashboard with the table and scatter plot I created while following the tutorial.

    If you click on 'Copy Dashboard' in that URL, you can copy that dashboard into your account and make changes with that as your starting point.

    Your idea/result will likely inspire others. And/or, if you have questions about your result(s), post those questions in addition to the URL and others will dive in.


  • Spacer_fielding by Spacer_fielding

    Is this feature open to the public?

    I either get a blank screen for the tools dashboard, or (using your links above) get a 'spinner' saying it is loading (for 20m).
    I also thought I saw there are issues with the internet explorer version.

    I'm glad to have (hopefully) helped on this special project.


  • JeanTate by JeanTate in response to Spacer fielding's comment.

    Yes it is public.

    You may have hit it when it was overloaded ... it doesn't help that the Tutorial suggests loading half the Quench data (~3k objects!), rather than something more manageable. Also, it's not clear - to me at least - what happens if you later change the particular dashboard whose link you shared.

    And yes, someone did say that at least one version of IE causes problems (I don't remember which, or who, or where they said it). I've had no problems with Firefox.


  • trouille by trouille scientist, moderator, admin

    I'm testing out the 'share Tools dashboards' functionality to respond to JT's question.
    Here's a dashboard:

    I first only had data uploaded. I copied the URL here. I then made changes to the dashboard (created a scatterplot), closed Tools, clicked on the URL again. The dashboard showed the updated version.

    So, to respond to JT's question -- if you change a dashboard you've shared, when someone else clicks on the URL, they'll see the most updated version of your dashboard.


  • trouille by trouille scientist, moderator, admin

    I should also remind folks that when you copy someone else's dashboard URL into your browser, if you click 'copy dashboard', then you copy the contents of the dashboard, as it currently is, into your Tools. You can then use their starting point for your future investigations.