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  • Subject AGS00004nd

    I have been noticing that these blue galaxies sometimes have green 'fuzz' on the outside. At beginning of a breakdown? Outer edges first?

  • Subject AGS000036o

    light lines seem to be more up and down with a cleared area around the waist. Due to smaller galaxy's merger? Parellel poles on galaxies?

  • Subject AGS00004g7

    Tracing a line along the brightest area in the bottom half of galaxy there appears to be a remanent of a spiral arm. Can't tell with top

  • Subject AGS000007w

    Two slightly brighter dots could be remenants of spiral arms judging by position that were disorganized due to dim galaxy on upper left.

  • Subject AGS000040t

    This looks like two very densely compacted galaxies merging... At an angle where the connection is partially blocked from view

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