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Are they mergering?

  • Foundren_Shi by Foundren_Shi

    Are the two galaxies mergering? By the way , is the central galaxy an edge-on spiral?


  • Ex103 by Ex103

    Not in this case. Here are some samples of mergers for you to look at.

    Merger 1

    Merger 1 Img ,

    Merger 2

    Merger 2 Img

    Merger 3

    Merger 3 Img

    It's close to being a edge on ellipse but not quite. Here are some samples of 'edge on' for you to look at.

    Edge-On 1

    Edge On 1 Img

    Edge-On 2

    Edge On 2 img

    Hum I was looking for one with a good bulge in the middle but can't seem to find one for you to look at.

    Source links are provided above each image.

    Hopefully this helps! By the way don't get discouraged! Keep looking!


  • jules by jules moderator

    Great post Ex103!

    Here's an example of a bulgy edge-on:


    enter image description here


  • Foundren_Shi by Foundren_Shi in response to Ex103's comment.

    Thanks a lot ! 😃