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A disturbed bar-spiral galaxy

  • Foundren_Shi by Foundren_Shi

    The Bar-Spiral Galaxy is being disturbed by a huge-mass star (or galaxy), am I right?


  • JeanTate by JeanTate

    The purple-blue star is in our own galaxy; the faint bluish galaxy with a yellowish bulge (and bar) is far, far away.

    The only influence of one on the other comes from our own atmosphere and in the SDSS telescope optics and detectors; for example, twinkling (which astronomers call 'seeing') will spread the star's light into a blob (it's actually just a point), and the vanes which hold the telescope's secondary mirror will create diffraction spikes (which you've probably seen in images of brighter stars). Removing these purely local effects (artifacts) is not easy!