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#galaxy pair

  • jim2mars by jim2mars

    Are these galaxies relatively close to each other or is one much larger?


  • mzevin1 by mzevin1 scientist, moderator

    It depends, often times the galaxies can look close and be very far apart and just on the same line of sight. There are a couple of ways you can check for this: you can look up the galaxies on the SDSS Navigate Tool by typing in their coordinates (RA and Dec) and seeing if they both have spectroscopic data. If they do, you can click on their spectrum and see if they are the same distance by looking at their redshifts (z) to see if they are actually close (which is the case for AGS0000148 and not the case for AGS000005f). Also, you can look for tidal debris/interaction features between the two galaxies to see if they are in close proximity to each other, which is the case for AGS0000148 and AGS00000sa.

    Hope this helps!