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A forming spiral galaxy?

  • Johanson69 by Johanson69

    The structure and the color of the galaxy suggests that this is a spiral galaxy in an early stage of its formation, the center is slightly brighter than the surroundings and very active star formation can be observed on the outer edge of the lower arm.


  • JeanTate by JeanTate in response to Johanson69's comment.

    Kinda like the LMC (Large Magellanic Cloud), eh?

    What might make this galaxy especially interesting is the nature of its nucleus (if nucleus it be; I have, over the years, collected quite a few objects which look somewhat like this, but are, in fact, overlaps) - nuclear starburst? nascent (classical) bulge? old globular cluster (not really related to the main object at all)? core of tidally disrupted satellite?