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Possible bars?

  • sad5a by sad5a

    This was hard to classify with the options possible. It looks like there may be a bar structure through the lower right (the hazy orange part) but when I classified it as an "edge-on" disk, I wasn't given the bar option.


  • ElisabethB by ElisabethB moderator

    Always classify the object in the center of the image.

    And in an edge on you cannot see the bar. An edge on is a disk or spiral seen edge n.


  • JeanTate by JeanTate

    A bar in an Eos (edge-on spiral) may appear as a boxy, or X-shaped, bulge.


  • tudorchibacu by tudorchibacu

    Very interesting image.


  • jim_vankirk by jim_vankirk

    I can agree that the blue is more interesting than the galaxy. I assume if it's (the blue) a temperature measure there is probably dust to retain it and the relationship to the galaxy is curious.


  • Johanson69 by Johanson69

    Are these possibly mergers due to the debris? I would assume so.


  • klmasters by klmasters scientist

    I think the blue might be a tidal tail from the object to the lower right, but not clear to me if it's linked to the central object at all. And as ElisabethB says - always classify the central object. If the one to the lower right is in the sample it'll be shown separately to classify. 😃